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ARTtube is the go-to videoplatform for art-related video’s produced by Dutch museums. Having built a database of over 1100 video’s and 45 contributing museums, ARTtube was looking for a new application of this large information source. Structured brainstorming with different stakeholders, led to a concept called ‘ARTtube in de klas’ (ARTtube in the classroom).

Central in this concept is curating videos, background information, & teaching materials around examination themes. Helping arts & crafts-teachers build a curriculum or individual lessons within these themes.



The core UX challenge laid in developing a fitting way to present curated bundles of videos, background information, & teaching materials. This format should clearly present the relation between video’s, and explicitly group them as a collection under an examination theme.


A second challenge was to design a navigational pattern that clearly differentiates pages that have a directional purpose from the collections. In order to guide teachers directly to collections suitable for their level of students.

Sketch of the navigational concept, and indirectly the template design of the different levels.



To develop a clear navigational pattern, a conceptual model was made. This model described that navigation towards the bottom level of the platform would always be vertical. When a user reaches this bottom level, thus a collection, the direction would be horizontal.

In the application of the model this means that all overview pages & filtering actions would be represented in vertical design & motion, and the collections as bottom level would be represented in horizontal design & motion.

Dekstop & mobile wireframes of the ARTtube in de klas platform. From log-on screen, education levels, collection-overview, and collection detail-states.

In parallel with the navigational pattern, the collection format was developed. Within it, videos are horizontally connected in a storyline. Which is introduced in the opening state of the collection, and elaborated upon in between videos. Detailed information about the video, artists, & teaching materials are directly available with every video. Additional visual cues give the user feedforward & -back about different states and interactions.



Back-end Development: Bas de Beer

Digital Production: Tanja Zuijderwijk

Front-end Development: Steven Otto

Strategy: Jacco Ouwekerk

User Experience Design: Tom Kölker

Visual Designer: Steven van der Wel

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