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UX Design, Concept




Having grown to an incoherent ecosystem of touch points, Museum Boijmans van Beuningen was looking to unify their online presence into one platform. Combining an outdated corporate website, more recent online collection, & individual exhibition specific landing pages. Simultaneously, unifying a recently revamped corporate identity with consistent user experience design.



This project knew two major UX challenges among the many:


Different exhibitions in the museum have different sub-identities, visual styles & physical presence. This individuality also needed to be, coherently, translatable to the platform. Even though, it is unclear what future exhibitions will be.


Secondly, activities in the museum are tailored towards several visitor groups. These groups should be able to easily find what’s relevant or interesting for them.

One of the first explorative sketches to find a suitable structure and sitemap for the platform.



To be able to individually style exhibition pages, an adaptable design system was developed. This system gives freedom to build these freely. To give these pages more individuality, blocks (organisms in atomic design terms) are adaptable in colour, presentation, & content. In line with an exhibition’s identity, style, or word mark developed by Thonik and physical presentation.

An early sketch exploring blocks needed in a design system with which Boijmans can dynamically create exhibition pages for past, present, and future exhibitions.

To speak to different visitor groups, an integral “plan your visit”-flow & page was developed. In which exhibitions, activities, and other suitable information are presented based on the wants and needs of e.g. a family, group, or international visitors. The underlying flow is at the core of the platform’s structure

Wireframes created which in which structure, sitemap, & design system are combined into a layered platform design.

The site is tied together by the online application of the renewed corporate identity. This clean and recognisable style makes Boijmans content very recognisable immediately. This style was intended to speak to a large audience and has helped the museum address the different visitor groups.



Back-end Development: Bas de Beer

Digital Production: Tanja Zuijderwijk

Front-end Development: Sander Wapstra

Front-end Development: Steven Otto

Strategy: Jacco Ouwekerk

User Experience Design: Tom Kölker

User Experience Design: Manouk van de Berg

Visual Design: Bart Nederveen

Tom Kölker

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