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Project is the go-to platform to immerse yourself in films, filmmakers, programme, and everything else surrounding International Film Festival Rotterdam. To constantly fit the needs and wishes of over 35 thousand annuals festival visitor, IFFR does a yearly review of this online platform.



Previous annual updates seemed to have ensued inconsistencies in structure, interaction patterns, & visual style in various elements of the platform.

Thus the main user experience challenge in this project was finding out exactly what caused perceived confusion and diffuse appearance. Then proposing fitting concept & solution to up consistency and increase calmness.



In researching the platform and its users, it became clear that most confusion could be related back to three main reasons: a messy sitemap, lack in clear navigational structure, & difficultly for users finding/understanding the (hamburger)menu.


The first step in tackling these issues was establishing a logical sitemap. A series of critical sessions with different people within the organisation was done in order to improve this aspect of the website.

Sketches made to critically review's structure and navigational confusion. Eventually resulting in an updated & simplified sitemap.

In line with this sitemap, a simplified and more traditional menubar was introduced. Combined with an updated homepage adaptable to the time of year; guiding users to the most important information at time of visit.

In development of the sitemap it also became clear that the platform lacked an overview page-template. This was added to differentiate clearly between content and overview pages.

Desktop & mobile wireframes for homepage, new overview template, revamped blog, and blog detail pages.

A second important conclusion from initial research was the unnecessary presence of numerous visual variations of the identical items. E.g. a card depicting a blog-item was present in 5 forms.

To eliminate all the clutter, a system & grid was setup including a maximum of 3 variants of each content type. All designed in relation to and distinguishable from one another.



Back-end Development: Rick Stoopman

Digital Production: Vera Butter

Digital Production: Manon van Herk

Front-end Development: Peter Garama

User Experience Design: Tom Kölker

Visual Design: Steven van der Wel

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