Digitising instant-imaging products

- Fujifilm Instax




UX Design, Pitch




A sub-set of the broad range of camera’s in the Fujifilm portfolio, are instant imaging camera’s. Branded as Instax, these speak to a different target group compared to other camera’s in Fujifilm’s product range. Therefore, Fujifilm was looking to develop a separate Instax platform to market the brand and products more specifically to this target group.



The Instax productrange consists out of 5 camera’s and 2 printers. These individual products speak to sub-groups within the Instax target group. To address these sub-groups direction the style of product presentation had to differ per product.

Next to this, was conveying the analogue feel of the camera’s on the platform. As this is one of the core values of Instax.

A sketch outlining the product range, and exploring how these products could be represented in the online platform.



To present each product differently, a full-screen product page was developed in which each product is put in a setting appropriate to the sub-target group. Which allows for different style & atmosphere per camera.

Mobile wireframes of product overviews, product detail pages, a news overview, & homepage.

To convey the analogue feel of the camera’s several unique interaction forms were developed to relate to the real world use of the product. E.g. a gallery that is a stack of prints that are individually dragable or an image/photo that develops if your patient enough to wait.



Art Direction: Juri Teuling

Back-end Development: Jakob Buis

Digital Production: Vera Butter

Front-end Development: Sander Wapstra

Front-end Development: Ivo Metz

Strategy: Marlies de Gooijer

User Experience Design: Tom Kölker

Visual Designer: Mirjam Lanting

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